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Henan Wanxi Pharmaceutical Co.

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Henan Wanxi Pharmaceutical Factory has established a base for producing genuine materia medica in a form of integration of the supplier, base, and peasant household, so as to ensure a high content of the effective composition of the drugs, containing no pesticide residues and heavy metals.

For production of the drugs, the factory persists in the principles "labour can not be saved though the processing of drugs is comated, and the quality of the materia medica should be quaranteed though the materia medica is expensive".

Only by doing so, can the superiority of resources be transformed into the superiority of products.

Further more producing in GMP-Standardized Workshops with Modern Processes Wanxi Pharmaceutical Factory is the largest base for producing the concentrated pills and granules in China. It has a history of twenty years for producing the concentrated pills and granules with unique pharmaceutical technology.

The concentrated pills made by the factory are round in shape with shiny appearance, and the intrinsic quality is much better than the same procuts made by the other factories.

The concentrated pills, a modern preparation of Chinese herbal drugs, is made by extracting the effective compositions of Chinese herbal drugs with the advanced extraction equipment, followed by concentrating the extract into light paste by cryogenic freezing, pelletizing the mixture of the light paste (as the adhesives) and the powder of crude drugs, and then drying the pills by microwave.

The programme control, automatic detection, pipeline transfer, and mechanized packing are basically realized. The entirely enclosed extraction, pelletization, and storage are adopted for producing the concentrated granules with fully automatic production line in the GMP-standardized workshops.

The company hase set up a quality guarantee system for which the general manager is the person in charge.

All the products are manufactured according to the national GMP standards and the national drug standards, and detected by ultraviolet Japan spectrophotometer UV260, dual-wavelength TLC scanner and high performance liquid chromatograph HPLC 1100 from the United States, and other precise instruments; and what is more, the company has set up a series of standards which are higher than the national standards so as to ensure highest quality of the products.